Deadline Extended to May 4th


Call_for_proposals (002)

SubmissionsYou are invited to submit your proposal here.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you only start to fill the submission form once you have decided on:

  • Title and brief description of the session ( max. 300 words)
  • Name and contact details of co-host(s), in case you plan to deliver the session jointly
  • Which strand (Please select one of these strands: 1. Meaningful Learning for Young Children; 2. Meaningful Preparation of the Workforce; 3. Meaningful Support for Families; 4. Meaningful Use of Technology)
  • Format of the session (Please select one of these options: Discussion forum, Panel discussion, Debate on a controversial issue, Mind mapping session, Interactive workshop on a specific topic, Presentation followed by discussions, Open space session, Poster presentations)
  • Duration (Please select one of these options: 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes)
  • Estimated number of participants (Please select one of these options: approx. 20 participants, approx. 30 participants, approx. 40 participants)
  • Equipment specifications (Please select from these options: flipchart, Equipment for Power Point presentations, Equipment to show video material, other equipment)  



Please plan to provide one of the following formats for your presentation:

  • Discussion forum1
  • Panel discussion2
  • Debate on a controversial issue
  • Mind mapping session
  • Open space session
  • Interactive workshop on a specific topic
  • Presentation followed by discussions
  • Poster presentations
  • Please feel free to suggest any other kind of formats that would suit the
    conference aims and theme

1The discussion should raise a specific problem, on which participants to the forum could
contribute with different views in giving answers/solutions.

2The discussion should focus on a specific issue of large interest that require in depth analysis.
The panelists should present diverse views/approaches on the issue.

Download Call for Proposal details here